Marco and the Miserably Marvelous Monday 

Marco feels miserable. It’s Monday and his toothpaste doesn’t taste like beef jerky the way it’s supposed to. He’s stuck on the fishy smelling bus while his neighbors get to ride to school in a sleek convertible. At school, Marco’s friends are all good at so many things. Will Marco ever be good at anything? And do Mondays always have to be miserable?







Oh My Flying Gators! and other short stories

Flying alligators, fashionable unicorns, squirrels that play football, and dancing manatees? You'll find that and more along with pictures that you can color in Oh My Flying Gators! and other short stories.

The Cheyenne Hawkins Series:


Going With the Flow Could Cost You Your Life

  When sixteen year old Cheyenne Hawkins tries to ignore the fact that she is different than other kids her age, she learns the hard way that life can spiral out of control and people can get hurt, even die, when she goes with the flow rather than facing the truth. For Cheyenne, a teenage triplet living in the Washington, D.C. suburbs, life has recently begun to take a strange turn. Things were crazy enough with the insanely hot new guy in her life that comes with a mysterious past; her nosy, showboating brothers constantly interfering in her love life and flirting with her friends; her sister’s Mixed Martial Arts activities; and her old friend getting jumped and being hospitalized. As if balancing all of that with homework and softball wasn’t enough, she suddenly seems to possess some sort of bizarre ability: the ability to see or feel things about people- usually frightening things that she definitely doesn’t want to see or feel. Danger and violence seem to be looming everywhere. Are these visions real or her imagination? What does it all mean? And why does it seem like her Aunt Fabulous knows something about it?

"Good teen drama, adventure and great characters"

by Moody on 3/26/16

I love the characters in this book! I loved discovering their personalities as individuals, but I truly enjoyed getting to know the family in this book.
This book is full of modern day teen activities. I enjoyed it from the parent perspective.
The audiobook narration is superb! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Inspiraled and was sad when it ended...because I wanted MORE! I hope the author has more in store for Cheyenne and her family, I'm ready to go on a new adventure with them.


Stalkers and visions and boys.  Oh my.

 Life as a teenage triplet has suddenly been turned upside down for Cheyenne Hawkins.  After surviving a fatal car accident and burying a friend, she is faced with learning to manage her newfound gift- the shocking and sometimes terrifying ability to see the memories of others. Cheyenne wants nothing more than to just be a normal sophomore and continue pitching on her high school team. But with someone sending her threatening messages and watching her, normal is nowhere in sight. Who is stalking her and why? Will she learn how to use her gift in time to prevent the stalker from carrying out the deadly threats? Join Cheyenne and her quirky friends and family as she learns that normal just might be overrated.



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