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Penelope is the author of Inspiraled, Inspirited, Oh My Flying Gators! and other short stories, and the upcoming Marco and the Miserably Marvelous Monday, and many other titles. Take a look around the site, buy some books, and subscribe to Penelope's email list for exciting upcoming news and events!

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Marco and the Miserably Marvelous Monday 
Join the fun and be the first to purchase your signed copy of this new children's picture book. Meet the amazing illustrator, K. Marie Criddle, the author, Penelope Aaron, and take pics with two of the starring canine characters, Buddy (aka Marco) and Kuma!  Attend the party and enjoy snacks, giveaways, and lots of BOOKS!

The fun takes place on Saturday, June 10, 2017, at the
Bethesda Women's Market from 10am-2pm at 7155 Wisconsin Ave.

Oh My Flying Gators! and other short stories


Flying alligators, fashionable unicorns, squirrels that play football, and dancing manatees? You'll find that and more along with pictures that you can color in Oh My Flying Gators! and other short stories.

Illustrated by the amazing K. Marie Criddle



Order Penelope Aaron's newest young adult novel here!

Stalkers and visions and boys. Oh my.


  Life as a teenage triplet has suddenly been turned upside down for Cheyenne Hawkins. After surviving a fatal car accident and burying a friend, she is faced with learning to manage her newfound gift- the shocking and sometimes terrifying ability to see the memories of others.  Cheyenne wants nothing more than to just be a normal sophomore and continue pitching on her high school team. But with someone sending her threatening messages and watching her, normal is nowhere in sight. Who is stalking her and why? Will she learn how to use her gift in time to prevent the stalker from carrying out the deadly threats? Join Cheyenne and her quirky friends and family as she learns that normal just might be overrated.  




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What people are saying about Penelope's books:

A Whimsical Story!


By Amazon Customer on October 17, 2016

Great characters, exciting and unique adventure, March 24, 2016

I love the characters in this book! I loved discovering their personalities as individuals, but I truly enjoyed getting to know the family in this book.

This book is full of modern day teen activities. I enjoyed it from the parent perspective.

The audiobook narration is superb! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Inspiraled and was sad when it ended...because I wanted MORE! I hope the author has more in store for Cheyenne and her family, I'm ready to go on a new adventure with them.

A teenage life in full color, July 22, 2016

This book is a fun look into the life of a teenage girl, still discovering her own unique and interesting talents, as all teenagers are. The book's vivid description of settings and characters brings them to life and helps you feel as though you're part of Cheyenne's world. As other reviewers have said, the story gets really exciting in the last few chapters, leaving me wanting more. I'm eager to see what happens next!

Really fun book

By A on September 9, 2015
I love this book. The characters and character descriptions are fantastic and I could not put it down because the story line is gripping. If you are a fan of Lisa Lutz's Spellman series, you will enjoy this book as it has a similar voice and is right up there in the fun factor.

Enjoyed the read!!!, March 18, 2015

This book was filled with authentic teen drama, hilarious family interaction, clever dialogue and, genuine characters, all keeping me entertained the whole way through. I really enjoyed the read!

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The children's picture book, Marco and the Miserably Marvelous Monday (illustrated by the amazing K. Marie Criddle) is releasing June 10, 2017!

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